Something creative is brewing...

The Slinky Vagabond

American IPA / 5.6% ABV / 47 IBU

We are currently living through a craft beer revolution. What a time to be alive!

That’s what it feels like to us at least, and we feel this revolution was largely driven initially by the hop-heavy IPAs made by the BrewDogs and Beavertowns of the world.

Why? Because it gave “regular” beer drinkers the chance to discover powerful new flavours in their beers and they liked it. They really liked it. Suddenly the craft revolution was underway before anyone even realised it.

The Slinky Vagabond is our homage to this revolution and to these hoppy delights. Being our West coast style American IPA, it is created using popular American hops as well as some more specialist varieties to bring new levels to our dry hopping process. It means our beer is bursting at the seams with tropical fruity citrus zing, but with that characteristic bitter finish that comes with the style.

There are hidden depths to explore here; just the aroma alone will have you licking your lips in anticipation! It’s a deliciously creative blend that will have you coming back for more time and time again, which is just what we wanted to achieve. No two tastes are the same and different people take different things from it.

Ben says: “We’re really proud of this surprising American IPA. There’s a reason why it is our most popular beer. Being brewed with a generous variety of hops, including Cascade and Citra, it has a depth of flavour which you can really lose yourself in. Each sip offers your senses a new fruity layer to discover; you’ll get delicious grapefruit, orange, and passionfruit to name but a few, as your experience moves from citrus to tropical to stone fruits.

Combine that with a grain profile that adds a smooth fullness to the mouthfeel and it’s a real treat for the tastebuds. You’ll immediately be transported to the shores of the West coast States and feel like you’re drinking the Californian sun!”

Meet the artist

Matt Jukes

Matt is a printmaker who grew up in sunny Australia and now enjoys the slightly more varied weather in London.

He took to printmaking in 2005 and over the years has gained an outstanding reputation for his incredible work. He uses a multi-layered monoprint technique which he obsesses over for days and weeks until he achieves perfection. His work has been showcased in numerous art shows including the Saatchi Other Art Fair and the Urban Art Fair amongst others, and he has exhibited in London, New York, and Melbourne, as well as being featured in Elle magazine as “one to watch”.

Matt says: “Music is very important in my life and for this piece I was trying to visualise the waveforms that sounds make. Imagine being able to see a song or a passage of music. For The Slinky Vagabond I was seeing each instrument as a different soundwave and layering them onto one another, so you can really see the depth. Music can be amazingly textured, as is my work, and as is this beer… in my humble opinion.”