Something creative is brewing...

They're tasty, tasty, very very tasty...

...they're very tasty!

With the explosion of craft breweries starting up in recent years, we are consistently blown away by the incredible selection of delicious beers that are now available to the Great British public.

If there’s one message we’d like people to take away with them from this website, it is to ditch the relatively generic mass produced beers and get out there to explore the little independent craft producers. Even if you think you’re not really that into beer, don’t knock it ’til you try it.

We would humbly suggest that now you might like to consider the delectable beers from Creative Juices Brewing Company amongst that list of little independent craft beers worth seeking out.

Well… what are you waiting for? It’s beer o’clock!

Our core range


A smooth and creamy milk stout inspired by sticky toffee pudding.

I Am The Danger

A light bodied beer with that distinctive wheat flavour.

Of Course I Still Love You

An easy drinking, biscuity smooth, pint of the best.

Part Of Me Is You

Lower ABV session pale, that doesn't compromise on flavour.

The Slinky Vagabond

Our American IPA, packed with hoppy citrusy notes and packing a bitter West coast punch.
Can of "Your Tasty Beverage"

Your Tasty Beverage

A clean and crisp pilsner-style lager with a crafty edge.

Our simple process

Dream it

Get our creative juices flowing and tweak crazy ideas into something that actually works.

Brew it

Perfect the brew recipe and source the finest ingredients to make our beer the best beer it can possibly be.

Enjoy it

Enjoy the beers. Enjoy the good times. Enjoy what we can do in return for the creative community.

Repeat it

Always evaluate what we are doing, take our learnings, refine the process, and start all over again.