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Part Of Me Is You

Session Pale / 3.9% ABV / 29 IBU

Session beers can be a curious beast. Brewed with the thought in mind that the drinker should be able to plough through a few pints in one sitting, they often compromise taste in favour of a lighter ABV percentage. Part Of Me Is You is a pale ale that has been consciously brewed to be a session beer, but we weren’t willing to sacrifice the punchiness of the flavours involved.

We had a relatively straight-forward concept for a beer – a single hop variety has been used all the way through the brewing process on top of a finest quality grain bill. From bittering hops, to late hops, to dry hops; it’s all Cascade – one of the original classic craft hops in the States and still held in such high regard for good reason.

The result is a pale golden ale that offers beer fans a simple and delicate hop profile with fruity notes of citrus. It is softly carbonated to tickle the taste-buds and perfectly balanced to leave the palate feeling clean and ready for the next delicious pint… and the next… and the next.

And all of this is achieved whilst keeping the alcohol content down to just 3.9%. A proper session pale ale with a proper craft beer taste.

Ben says: “Picture this… it’s a beautiful day and you are in full relaxation mode. You’re sat about with your friends and family, the sunshine on your face, shooting the breeze and just generally enjoying each others company. It’s one of those wonderful unplanned days that you’ll end up talking about for weeks and remembering for years, where nothing really happens, but you find your heart filled with laughter and your soul replenished with joy.

I wanted to brew the beer that went hand-in-hand with that kind of experience. Part Of Me Is You is the session ale of choice for whiling away a few hours and enjoying the benefits of a cheeky beer or two, without getting yourself too tipsy.

This is easy drinking for good vibes and easy times.”

Meet the artist

Andrea Minetti

Celebrity lookalike Andrea (who do you think he looks like?) is an artist currently working as a designer in games industry. He grew up in Italy, studied architecture in Rome, before decided to find his fame and fortune in London. After more than a decade of successful living and partying in the city he moved to Barcelona to discover more exciting adventures.

Andrea has always liked to illustrate and create art projects. Since he was a child he experimented with many different styles, inspired in the early days by Disney, comics, and anime. More recently he has found his niche, spending time working on life drawing using a minimalistic approach to capture the sensual essence of the human body in a very unique way.

Andrea says: “My first thought for Part Of Me Is You was to portray a deeply personal and passionate embrace. When two lovers hug each other so hard, they melt together into a single figure. This piece embodies that moment in time. The wings were inspired by the late Italian author Luciano De Crescenzo who wrote, ‘we are all angels with one wing and we can fly only if we keep hugging each other.’”