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I Am The Danger

Weissbier / 4.7% ABV / 9 IBU

I Am The Danger is our first foray into wheat beer. We always felt like traditional wheat beers can be a little heavy to drink over time; you normally only want one or two and then you’re done. So we wanted to create something that was still as pleasant on the palate, but not as challenging to enjoy. We believe that is exactly what we’ve done.

Primarily brewed with Tettnang hops to give the beer a natural, herbal tone, we went trough a number of iterations to get the brew just right. We also used a blend of various wheat types, including an oak-smoked wheat, to create the lighter than normal mouth feel we desired.

I Am The Danger still carries all those distinctive wheat beer flavours. Slightly hazy in appearance, with a fruity and floral aroma, this beer is an easy-drinking, light-bodied ale. Initially you get hints of strawberry, banana, vanilla and cloves on the nose, which translate into that first subtly smoky sip. The layered flavour then mellows into an earthy, even slightly spicy aftertaste. And finally, thanks to the unique yeasts used to brew wheat beers, the drinker ends with a delectable tangy sourness to enjoy.

It was our Creative Juices teammate, Sarah, who inspired the decision to create a wheat beer. Although the origins of this style of beer hail from Germany, it was during her years living in Austria that she first came across weissbiers and she is really happy with how our version turned out.

Ben says: “Sarah told me the story of how she remembered tasting her first Weiße years ago in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. She was working as choreographer on a production at the local theatre and tried one at the after show party. It was really different to beers she had previously tried, but she loved it! I’ve always been partial to wheat beers, but I love the excitement of trying new things too and I want Creative Juices to do the same.

We have produced a beer that will give others the chance to have that same unique first taste sensation as Sarah had that night all those years ago. I Am The Danger is a light-bodied, yet cloudy wheat beer with earthy flavours punctuated by herbal, spicy and fruity nuances. It’s a luscious combination and we hope you love it like we do.

It really is köstlich!”

Meet the artist

Ady Rasburn

Ady is a part-man, part-monkey, graphic design artist originally from Eckington in the North of England. He is very much in demand for his talents, and his work has seen him move from the cutting-edge creative scene in London, to top secret spy work in Cornwall, Wales and Portsmouth, to immersing himself in the ever-growing art and media scene in Bristol. Currently he is based near Salisbury.

Other than his passion for art and design, he also happens to have a passion for drink. He is a very dear life-long friend of the brewery; compassionate and generous, and is listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records for being the nicest man on the planet.

Ady says: “The concept behind the design was to suggest things are not always what they seem. Think of the monster under the bed… the boogeyman behind the curtain. Having tasted I Am The Danger, I felt the beer has hidden depths; a delicious light beer, with a dark side.”