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Pleased to meet you

Our team might be a motley crew and modest in size, but we are perfectly formed. Why? Because we love what we do with a passion and we believe that shows in what we produce, and in our unparalleled service to both our trade partners and craft beer fans alike. Everyone at Creative Juices shares a common belief in beer, a belief in the brewery, and a belief in people.

Come say hello why don’t you?

Yes, you.

Beardy Brewer Ben

Ben Janaway

Founder, brewer, marketeer, lush.

When Ben was 9 years old, he got a Commodore C16, and he didn’t look back. He spent his formative years tinkering with computers and, when he had to get a job post-university, built a career around digital media, marketing and strategy. It was actually at university when he really got into beer too and he didn’t look back there either. Seeking out marvellous beers and brewing them, went from being a hobby to being a passion to being a mid-life crisis / profession.

Creative Juices Brewing Company is Ben’s little baby (in addition to his two human babies that is) and he enjoys wearing many hats in the day-to-day running of the business. Chances are, if you have any interaction with the brewery, you will end up talking to him.

Ben says: “I’ve always enjoyed letting my imagination run wild, getting hands-on and creating things. Indeed, I’ve essentially made a career out of doing just that. So building a company and brewing was just a very natural creative process for me.

Another thing I’ve always enjoyed is the art of discovery… hearing that cool new band before they hit the big time; finding the secret bar in town that hides behind an unmarked door; travelling to the emerging holiday destination before anyone has heard of it; ordering the off-menu dish at your favourite restaurant. All these things give me a real kick and, for me, brewing is the same.

When creating beers, I like to add creative nuances and subtle layers that allow the drinker to be able to find new flavours, variations and undertones in their beers with each taste. I love the idea of someone tasting one of our beers, falling in love with everything about it, and affording them the opportunity to take it their friends with that same sense of finding a hidden gem that gives me such a buzz. I’ve always thought of myself as an instigator of sorts.”

Ben fights the constant urge to grow a beer belly, but does sport a comedy beard as per the unwritten law of brewing.

Abi Wonfor

Taproom Host

By day, Abi is a blue-light superhero in the form of an ambulance paramedic who swoops in to save those in need. By night, she transforms into another type of superhero as part of our host team, who swoops in to save those in need of a tasty craft beer or two. Wife to our very own web-celeb Taproom Manager, we’ve long suspected that an “Abi’s Beer Reviews” YouTube channel would give Paul a run for his money. She’s already got stuck into the brewing with us and we just love her positivity and can-do attitude. Oh, and by the way, did we mention that Abi just so happens to be a bad-ass race car driver too? True story. Is she literally the coolest person on the planet? Quite possibly.


Anne-Cécile Bechen

Taproom Host

Securing Anne-Cécile as a host for our taproom was quite a coup. She was employee number one and has been with us ever since. Originating from France, living around the world, and then settling in Maple Cross, she brings panache and a certain je ne sais quoi to Team Juicy. Her background is in the food and beverage industry, and she is quite the culinary connoisseur and service expert. When she’s not busy making faux pas behind the bar, she’ll often be busy exploring obscure music or making tuile and other baked goodies for her favourite people. A great deal of how we operate as a business today is thanks to ideas that AC brings to the table for us. The brewery is a literal homage to her innovation. Et voilà; that is our super chic, super geek, Anne-Cécile. Why not set a rendezvous with her at the taproom today?

Ella Jones-Leonard

Taproom Host

Ella is a beautiful human being with a beautiful soul. She is loving, caring and kind – always super polite and always more than happy to help without a moment’s hesitation. It is as if someone created the template for the perfect host and called her Ella. But scratch a little beneath the surface and you will see that she is all these things and more. She is much wiser, more socially conscious and more experienced than her years suggest she should be. Currently she is studying arts and theatre at university, and this summer will be off to America to help teach kids there about how to be awesome in life. Just like her. We miss her all over the place and, rest assured, will grab her back into the taproom whenever she’s in town!


Emily Jane Kerr

Taproom Host

Our resident thesp, Emily, brings a little touch of Hollywood glamour to our humble taproom. When she’s not on her feet here serving delicious beers, you’ll often find her treading the boards instead. She is a founding member of the award-winning all-female musical improv group “Notflix” (which is excellent by the way and you really should go see them) and has even had a starring role in “Call The Midwife” on the actual television. You’ll be able to spot her a mile away thanks to her beaming smile, her rainbow dungarees, or her joyous personality. Chatting with Emily is guaranteed to make your whole day – nay whole life – a better one.

Jola Kublin

Taproom Host

Like the flavours in a fine craft ale, Jola has many layers to her multifaceted personality. When we first got to know her, we loved the fact that our relaxed taproom environment reminded her of the little family-run bar she used to work in back in her hometown when she was younger. All very wholesome. Then, after she’d been with us for a while, we discovered her wicked sense of humour, her compassion for others, her super-cool rollerblading fitness regime, her sense of doing what is right and responsible, and her relentless zest for life – every night is (quite rightly) party night and ain’t no party like a Jola party! She always gives us a big smile on our faces, and the rest of the team enjoy living life vicariously through her antics.

Kelly Spacey

Events Manager

If you look up “gregarious” in the dictionary, you’ll just find a great big picture of Kelly. Likewise for the words “bonkers”, “fricking awesome” and “pineapple”. Kelly strolled into our lives with her unwavering positivity and brought with her a wealth of experience behind the camera making films and – more importantly for us – planning and managing festivals and events. Who are we to not take huge advantage of our luck in this respect? Kel therefore wears two hats for the brewery; the first is organising events, the second is working as dancing queen / part of the host team. She even managed to don a pair of wings made from recycled beer cans and take to the catwalk as a supermodel sandwich for us recently… she’s our literal angel.

Martin Lindridge

Business Development Manager

Martin enjoys getting stuck into all aspects of the brewery, but is ultimately responsible for our trade partnerships. We didn’t want to refer to him as “sales” as that felt a bit too pushy and that’s not what we’re all about. Instead, Martin is a bubbling fountain of knowledge about everything and anything, and will be very happy to chat to you about just that; everything and anything. He also happens to be a biologist, a brewer, a band member, a boat owner, and a beard-wearer – one almost comedy enough to rival Bens. The rest of the team have resigned themselves to the fact Martin has the best social life out of all of us put together, and when you don’t find him talking beer at Creative Juices, you’ll normally find him talking beer at a festival instead.

Sarah Chiappi

Beer Muse

One of the original Juicers and honorary lifelong friend of the brewery. She’s done sales, taproom work, brewing, cleaning… even painting and decorating. In fact Sarah helps out at the brewery when and where she can. But whilst juggling her day job, being on the executive team for the local theatre group, being chief choreographer for an Austrian theatre group, being a founder member of a gin club, supporting her husband and two kids (who are all always just as busy as she is), and supporting her extended family in Italy and the US… free time is one thing she doesn’t really have a great deal of. If you see her, send her our love!

Paul Wonfor

Taproom Manager

If you’re a fan of craft beer, chances are you might be a fan of Paul already. He used his passion for beer to create his own YouTube channel and, well over a million views later, “Paul’s Beer Reviews” continues to go from strength to strength (please subscribe, turn on notifications, and smash that like button). Now he uses that same passion to run the taproom for Creative Juices and, as a recognised super-taster, turns his sophisticated palate to choosing the best beers the craft world has to offer to put on our taps. He leads our team of host heroes by example and is always on hand to give you the warmest of welcomes to the brewery. He is one of life’s all round bloody nice chaps, so do say hello… in the taproom or at the next beerfest you go to.


Rachel Bell

Taproom Host

Rachel started her career in corporate comms, but soon realised she loved craft beer and conversation more than conference calls and computers. When she drinks something super tasty she says it literally makes her want to weep with joy. Now that really is love! Her other passion is creativity and in her downtime she tinkers with all things fabric, sewing and knitting. She never goes anywhere without a good book and a pair of knitting needles hidden in her bag. Her dressmaking skills even extended as far as creating her own wedding dress! When she joined the team she was a soon-to-be wonder mum. Fast-forward to current day and Rachel is now busy raising a wonderful and sophisticated little person; just like her good self. 


Brewery Dog

The original of the #CreativePooches, Rosie is a designer mutt and arguably the most pampered doggie in the universe. That’s not to say she doesn’t take her roles at the brewery very seriously. As a ferocious guard dog, she will bark at anything that moves… from behind the safety of the brewery door. But her comedy underbite ensures that her bark is much worse than her non-existent bite. For our four-legged friends, she is also CTO – Chief Tasting Officer – making sure that all the spent grain doggy biscuits get the Rosie seal of approval. And finally she is also in charge of wellbeing at the brewery; always ready to offer her favourite humans a little fluffy cuddle to warm the coldest of hearts. She is the grand old dame of Creative Juices and we love her to bits.