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Your Tasty Beverage

Craft Lager / 4.7% ABV / 23 IBU

Did you know, 54% of all adults in the UK drink beer and 45% drink lager specifically, meaning <quick maths> 83% of beer drinkers enjoy a lager (a real Mintel stat for you there). And yet, with all this making it the most popular style out there by quite some margin, lager somehow still feels like the poorer cousin in the craft beer world. At Creative Juices we love quality beer, but we are not beer snobs and we will most certainly not scoff at a drinker because of their preference for the fizz!

We wanted to address this quandary head on. We wanted to apply the same creative principles to lager that we do to all other beer types and design a genuine artisan drink to rival any out there… and Your Tasty Beverage was born.

The result is as interesting as it is exciting. It’s a clean and crisp lager through and through, brewed in a traditional pilsner style using Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops, but it retains more power in the taste department than most and you might almost say has a subtle fruitiness to it.

Can of "Your Tasty Beverage"

Ben says: “Lager is often the starting point of peoples’ drinking career. I’m certainly no different to that. My dad used to enjoy some of the popular American lager brands likes Michelob and Miller Genuine Draft. I’d sneak a sip every now and then when I could, and I followed suit by the time I was buying beers for myself.

As my tastes and knowledge evolved, so did my go-to choice of beers, but there is nothing quite like returning to an icy cold lager when you’re in the right mood. Still, it’s tricky trying to strike a delicate balance here between something crafty and creative, without alienating those who love lager. Your Tasty Beverage allows people to enjoy the best of both worlds; a hand-crafted artisan beer that also just so happens to be a lager. It is a beautiful pilsner-style beer that is sure to win over even the most hardened lager-only drinkers and hopefully lead them down a path of discovery with other craft lagers in this often overlooked genre.”

Meet the artist

Eugene Reisch

Australian born; English raised. If you ask him, Eugene may well joke that his skills extend to colouring in and making silly noises, but he’s just being modest. He has been an exceptionally talented designer, illustrator, animator and award-winning creative for over 20 years across numerous London-based agencies… and now runs his own.

With a vast experience, his focus has been on producing work for the film, TV and entertainment industries (think Disney, 20th Century Fox, NBC Universal – the big guys). His own creative process relies on an ability to instantly scribble out his thoughts, where they often then take on a life of their own.

Eugene says: “For Your Tasty Beverage, I wanted to take a literal swipe at sketching on the back of a napkin, but I wanted something a bit more gritty. I wanted to capture a taste of retro Americana iconography, that to me sits perfectly alongside the notion of a casual, crisp, refreshing beverage. In the story that played out in my head, a suited, but dishevelled 1980s gangster has a little time to kill… so he grabs a beer and burger, and begins to doodle on the wrapper.”