Something creative is brewing...

Of Course I Still Love You

Best Bitter / 4.4% ABV / 21 IBU

Every brewery needs a solid sessionable ale. Every craft beer fan needs a favourite sessionable ale too. Of Course I Still Love You answers the call on both counts!

The foundation of our core range of beers, this is an easy-drinking brew, with its heart in traditional British Best Bitters.

We have perfected a special blend of no less than five different malt grains to achieve a wonderfully smooth beer with an equally smooth taste profile. East Kent Goldings hops help give the beer an even balance in terms of bitterness without over-powering the grain flavours.

The result is an everyday brew that is winning fans who are new to the craft beer movement, as well as seasoned drinkers who consider themselves to be more established and knowledgeable when it comes to their beers. This was no means by chance. We wanted to create something that was distinct and delicious, but simple enough to achieve a wide appeal that suits all tastes.

Ben says: “Of Course I Still Love You is the craft ale of choice for people who like their beer to be both super smooth and super drinkable. In my opinion, artisan beer doesn’t need to be too fussy for the sake of it; sometimes you simply crave a tasty ale that builds on long-established brewing traditions. The result here is a clean, bitter-neutral ale that has the usual floral notes you might expect, but with some hints of biscuit, bread and toffee, with a delicious caramel finish.

It’s a beer that I would drink when I’m out for an all-day session at the pub as much as when I’m relaxing at home of an evening.”

Meet the artist

Nelli Grönroos Steer

Nelli is an illustrator, painter and social media maven, who grew up in Finland. She moved to London in 2010, honed her craft, and married an Englishman. Ten years after she arrived, she moved back to Finland where she now runs a successful marketing consultancy in Helsinki with her husband and dog, Susan.

Nelli has dabbled with pen and ink illustration for years (normally involving cute animals) – and progressed onto experimenting with watercolour painting. She has an unwavering and infectious zest for life and love, which comes across in her art.

We saw her work and loved her style as much as we loved her. Further to our commissioning of Of Course I Still Love You, she has started to receive more and more love for her artwork, with projects such as album cover design, corporate projects and even wedding design being commissioned.

Of this piece, Nelli says: “It shows two creatures enveloped in the beauty of the universe, taking comfort and joy from each other’s presence. Of Course I Still Love You is a nod to true love; whether that’s between friends, family or lovers.”