Something creative is brewing...

Like all good ideas, it started in the pub...

...over a couple of beers.

A few years ago, there were three old friends who had known each other from school days and who had a shared passion for beer and brewing. They all had successful careers in their own right, but secretly hankered for something more. Were they missing a trick in not working together? Were they missing a trick not brewing commercially? Were they missing a trick in not taking a chance?

It was a thought that just wouldn’t leave us alone and a subject of conversation that just kept on coming back. “Wouldn’t it be amazing if…” is normally how that conversation started. We couldn’t escape the idea and we didn’t really want to anyway.

Fast forward a few years and one of the friends came to the conclusion that he should quit the day job and become a full-time brewer. The conversations had become too frequent; the ideas too powerful.

The wheels were set in motion and Creative Juices was born as a company in 2018.

Initially there were numerous hurdles to overcome and a lot of background work that took months and months to complete, before we could get on with the fun part of actually building the brewery and brewing the beer. Not least we needed to find a home.

Growing up in Croxley, living in Watford, and working in Rickmansworth, we have always had a real love for our community and wanted to do something for our local area. There is also a proud brewing history in Watford and Rickmansworth, which has been lost over the years.

Again, because of this we wanted to keep things local and, after an extensive search to find the right location, we came across an ancient farm based in Maple Cross. It has its first recorded mention in Saxon times and was perfect for what we needed – you can read more about the history of the farm here.

It is our belief that there is nothing better than great beers enjoyed with great friends; that is a simple recipe for great times and an over-arching motivator that drove the project forward.

Beer is something to be discovered, explored, savoured and marvelled at. Beer is something to be shared whilst you while away the hours, enjoying each others company, talking about nothing and everything. Life is just too short to drink inferior beers that lack distinction and craft beer is one of the finer things that should be easily accessible to all.

However, there was not only a desire to bring outstanding beers to a new and existing craft audience, but also to drive creativity and to “do business right” whilst we do it.

Our whole brewery, especially the production process, is centred around creativity. We like to take traditional beer styles and give them a creative edge. We have some excellent innovations that we want to turn into a reality in the future too. We want to do all things a little differently and we want support creative arts (an industry we have worked in, and a hobby we have enjoyed for years) and artists along the way.

We consider ourselves to be at the service of our community. Our brewery and taproom is already a hub for the local area, and we want to give something more back where we can.

It’s all a very exciting, ambitious and conscientious journey, but one we hope you’ll come on with us.