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Creative Juices – I Am The Danger


An individual can of German style “Weiß” that offers drinkers that unique wheat beer flavour.

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Slightly hazy in appearance… packed with a fruity and floral aroma and flavours… “I Am The Danger” carries all those distinctive wheat beer markers.

This is an easy-drinking, light-bodied ale with a twist. Initially you get hints of strawberry, banana, and vanilla on the nose, which translate into the taste of that first delectable sip. Then the hint of cloves and a smoky undertone hits the taste buds (thanks to the addition of oak-smoked wheat to the grain bill). The layered flavour then mellows into an earthy, even slightly spicy aftertaste. And finally the drinker ends with a satisfying tangy sweetness to enjoy, thanks to the unique yeasts used to brew wheat beers.

It really is köstlich!

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